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Real name: Kwannon (Unknown if last or first name)
Other aliases: Elisabeth Braddock
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Assassin
Legal status: Subject of Japan with no criminal record
Place of birth: Unknown
Marital status: Single
Known relatives: Unknown
Base of operations: Unknown
Group affiliation: X-Men,
First appearance: X-Men #20, died: X-Men #30, last seen: X-Men #31

History: After an encounter on a pier in Hong Kong between the British mutant telepath Betsy Braddock and the Japanese ninja assassin Kwannon, she was found by Matsu'o Tsurayaba. "When we found the woman, she was in shock, her mind and memories totally fragmented." (Matsu'o, Uncanny X-Men #256)
The encounter between the two women had extreme results. Revanche remembers the ninja Kwannon coming upon the body of Betsy Braddock on a pier. Kwannon reaches out and touches Betsy's body. At one touch, Betsy's fractured mind reaches to Kwannon's, the two minds of Kwannon and Betsy Braddock fuse together. However, Psylocke's mind depicts the exchange occurring under the direction of Mojo and Spiral in Mojoworld's Body Shop.
Matsu'o exploited the fused but fragmented mind of Betsy in the body of Kwannon. Using a sensory depravation tank to create a new reality for Psylocke, Matsu'o changes Psylocke to become a master assassin for the Mandarin.
Psylocke takes on the identity of Lady Mandarin, a prime ninja assassin and telepath. Wolverine discovers Psylocke in his travels with Jubilee. When Psylocke wields her psychic blade against Wolverine, she enters his mind and he enters hers. Wolverine saw this was their friend and fellow X-Man Betsy Braddock, only now in an Asian body with ninja abilities she did not have before. She also had a bit of a new personality. Where before she was a conservative and reserved woman, she now was an edge-crawling and ambitious one. Psylocke returned with Wolverine to the X-Mansion and resumed her role within the X-family.
Until Revanche appears.
Revanche sneaks into the Mansion, able to do so because she wears the body of Betsy Braddock and also her psi signature. She appears to Psylocke and Jean Grey in the danger room during an argument between them. Psylocke, at first, does not think she is real, but a mere hologram Jean created to shake her. She believes this, until Revanche attacks her, using a psychic katana blade. After taking Psylocke out, she reveals herself to be Betsy Braddock, calling Psylocke an impostor.
The X-Men turn against Psylocke, believing Revanche is who she claims to be. Both women have no surface psi- difference, and only a deeper psi-scan could verify or disprove Revanche or Psylocke's claims to be Betsy Braddock. Revanche willingly bows to a mind-scan by Xavier, however, Psylocke refuses. Revanche, again, claims Psylocke is not who she says and goes to attack her. Xavier stops them and Wolverine asks for a private chat with Xavier. Wolverine tells Professor X that in neither Psylocke nor Revanche are lying, however neither is being completely truthful. He makes this judgment based on their scent and also on the fighting techniques they used being ones neither should know as Betsy Braddock.
Professor X sends the Beast, Gambit, Psylocke, and Revanche to Japan to find Nyoirin and find out the truth. Psylocke and Revanche snipe at each other the entire time about who the other claims to be. They enter Nyoirin's estate. Revanche knows much about the estate, and lead the three X-Men to a room that has a framed painting. The painting is of Psylocke and says, "Kwannon in repose." Again, the bickering continues until the Silver Samurai enters.
The Silver Samurai takes out Beast, but Gambit, Revanche, and Psylocke attack him. Revanche and Psylocke disable him while Gambit finds Nyoirin's diary in a fold in the "Kwannon" painting.
More bickering continues between Psylocke and Revanche about the ability, or lack thereof, to read the Japanese scroll. When Psylocke begins to leave, Revanche forges a psychic link between herself and Psylocke. She begins to read Nyoirin's scroll and recount what she recalls from the pier. Revanche recalls what happened to her after the encounter on the pier: Nyoirin took her in and helped her regain her memory. He wanted Kwannon, his prime assassin and lover, back.
Although these memories and scroll seem to clear up some confusion, they still leave a number of unanswered questions. One of which is why Psylocke claimed to be Betsy Braddock. Revanche claims that Psylocke is still tied to the Hand and is planning on betraying the X-Men. Psylocke recovers from Revanche's psionic attack and again denies Revanche's claims.
Finally, Nyoirin appears. He reveals that Revanche and Psylocke are both Kwannon and both Betsy Braddock. Nyoirin claims his only quest was to regain his assassin and lover, Kwannon. He did not know that the exchange on the pier had left half of each girls' mind in each girls' body. Nyoirin reveals that Matsu'o Tsurayaba has allied himself with Shinobi Shaw. While Gambit and Beast go after Shaw, Revanche and Psylocke go after Matsu'o. Matsu'o confirms what Nyoirin has stated. Matsu'o took Psylocke and Nyoirin took Revanche, and together they finished what Betsy and Kwannon had started: a melding of two minds - half to each body.
The X-Men, including Revanche and Psylocke, return to the Mansion. Both women search in vain to find their differences, but only find similarities. They cannot telepathically read each other's minds and they physically move as mirror images. Wolverine tells them to give it up. He says, "Ain't it about time the two'a you stopped pretendin' you're anything other than what you are... two bodies an'four minds-?!"
One interesting side-effect to the mind-meld were certain tastes stayed with the body. The body of Kwannon retained its racy clothing style. Betsy was much more reserved in her tastes. The room of Psylocke is also decorated in Eastern Asian style.
Life in the X-Mansion continued. Psylocke now began a quest to find out who she really is. Psylocke arranges for Jean to telepathically probe her mind. A childhood memory arises. Only now Betsy is able to beat her brother, when she never could before, in a way she never would before. This probe only proves what has been said before. "They are one and the same - joined together - to the root - to the very core of their being - Kwannon and Betsy Braddock are completely linked - in body and soul!" (Jean Grey, X-Men Annual #2)
Once this is finally determined, Psylocke and Revanche can begin to build their lives anew. They work through many of the details of their relationship and even become friends.
On a mission to determine the reasons behind a mutant hideaway run by Jonathon Chambers, the X-Men discover some secrets. Chambers is running a "hospice" of sorts, meant for mutants with the legacy virus. As tempers flare about Chambers use for the mutants, Revanche orders the X-Men back. She reveals she has contracted the legacy virus. This alters the relationship between Revanche and Psylocke greatly.
With the confirmation of the legacy virus within her spreading, Revanche decides to leave the Mansion. She leaves behind her, her eyes. They are the bionic eyes implanted by Mojo.
Revanche goes to Matsu'o, and learns that Matsu'o had been visited by Spiral, who had also played a part in the mind-meld of Kwannon and Elisabeth. This brought up memories of when Matsu'o was an assassin. He had been directly pitted against Kwannon, the woman he loved. During their fight, she was thrown off a cliff. It was at this time that Kwannon had encountered the body of Betsy Braddock and their minds had been merged together. Nyoirin allowed Matsu'o to take Kwannon's body in an attempt to heal her. But Betsy's mind had already entered Kwannon's body and things would no longer be the same.
Revanche peels back Matsu'o's memories of Kwannon, causing him more emotional pain. In his mind's eye, he sees the body of Kwannon doing this. Revanche grows more angry. The legacy virus had torn away all confusions she had had. Her previous memories had been from Nyoirin's diary. She now was experiencing her real memories, the memories of Kwannon, her true self. Matsu'o was excited by Revanche's newly restored memory, only to learn she had the legacy virus.
Revanche refuses to die from the legacy virus. She asks Matsu'o to do her one last oath. She asks him to kill her. With her life ended, Betsy's mind is fully returned to Psylocke.
Spiral appears to Betsy to clear up or create more confusion. In her own demented way, she was trying to make amends for her involvement in Betsy Braddock's mind transferal. She also stated the game that was being played is over and Psylocke needs to figure out what happened on her own.
The eyes of Revanche reveal the plans of Matsu'o and the Mandarin. Their plan was to place the mind of Kwannon into Betsy's body. Matsu'o had made arrangements for Kwannon's body to survive the transfer with Spiral. Spiral had manipulated genetic coding between Kwannon and Betsy.
All traces of Kwannon are now gone, and Psylocke is fully Betsy Braddock in mind and also now claims the body of Kwannon as her own.
Height: (both bodies) 5'11"
Weight: (both bodies) 155 lbs.
Eyes: (original body) Blue, (current body) Violet
Hair: (original body) Black (dyed purple), (current body) Blonde (dyed purple)
Other distinguishing features: Has cybernetic eyes provide by Mojo.
Strength level: Revanche possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.
Known superhuman powers: Revanche possesses many telepathic abilities, enabling her to read minds, communicate mentally with others over long distances, stun the minds of others with "mental bolts," control the minds of others, and create illusions in the minds of others. Revanche can intensely focus her psionic powers into her "psychic katana," with which she can stun or kill an adversary.
Other abilities: Revanche is highly skilled in Far Eastern martial arts.