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06/06/03- Created An Update Archive page, put a new possible interesting movie link up (No longer up, I took it down in 08/03)

07/01/03- Deleted a few links on my page

07/18/03- Correcting some links

08/02/03- Corrected Links on Page

08/02/03- Moved some Stuff around to clean it up.

09/08/03- Added a song

09/19/03- Removed Dead Links to other pages, added more links, created a banner page

10/06/03- A little Cleaning up to do 

10/15/03- Check out the new Banner. Some new links

10/26/03-minor updates

11/07/03-Got tired of the cheerful look of my page.

12/07/03-Moved stuff around, added a couple nice links

02/06/05-I know I haven't in a long time (in a major anyway)

04/20/06-Look I updated (yeah)

12/15/10-Corrected Links on Page