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Warlock II
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Real Name: None
Affiliation: New Mutants
Previous Affiliations: Phalanx
Relatives: Magus (father)
Status: Deceased (Hodge)
Powers: Warlock was a techno-organic being of the race known as the Technarch, ancestors of the Phalanx. He had the ability to change shape and size, appear in human form and blast energy bolts. What made him a mutant, however, was his personality: While the rest of his race are genocidal and bent on conquest, Warlock was peace-loving and gentle, although he would have defended his friends to the death, if necessary. Warlock was closest with Doug Ramsey (Cypher), and the two developed an almost symbiotic relationship in which Warlock would protect Doug and Doug would supply Warlock with human experience, and if required, energy. Warlock died when Cameron Hodge drained his life-energy in an attempt to use his shape-shifting abilities to return his hideous cyborg body to a human shape. Warlock's remains were scattered on his friend Doug's grave, but some of them were collected and reactivated, forming much of the technological basis for the Phalanx on Earth, and specifically for the entity known as Douglock who is now known as . .

Warlock III