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8/15/01-Doing a total site update. So check back later for additional entries.

8/24/01-Yes, this is a tripod site & yahoo, I am using yahoo for counter & the guestbook I have connected them to namezero.

9/13/01-My condolences to the family & friends still lost in the rubble in NYC.

11/26/01 - Added a possible link to my freeserver link

1/8/2002-added a definite link to my freeserver site.

9/27/02 - Updated a few pages.

10/26/02 - Finally put some info on Warlock I. Changed my E-Mail.

11/23/02 - Finally changed my Update Page.

12/12/02 - Put some new links to other pages to see if they work.

1/5/2003 - Finished putting some links so I can make a little money

01/14/03 - Reorganized to Keep it neater in layout

02/07/03 - Added a few links, I will try to Update.

02/14/03 - Added more links hopefully people will purchase stuff from me:D.

02/27/03 - Changed my affiliates to another page.

02/28/03 - I Tried to correct my home page color problem.

03/06/03 - I put a chat link at Contact Me.

03/2003-05/2003-Multiple small updates