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Mystic Goblin
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The former Green Goblin IV

Mystic Goblin
Real Name:
Philip Benjamin "Phil" Urich
Current Aliases: None
Former Aliases: Green Goblin IV 
Dual Identity: Secret
Current Occupation: Journalism Intern at the Daily Bugle
Former Occupation: High School Student
Citizenship: Natural Born U.S. Citizen
Legal Status: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Uncle Ben Urich, reporter for the Daily Bugle, Arnold & Mindy Urich (parents, GG #1), Kenneth Urich (older brother, GG #1), Doris Urich (aunt, wife of Ben Urich)
Known Confidants: None
Known Allies: Daredevil, Scarlet Spider
Major Enemies: Hobgoblin, Angel Face, Steel Slammer, Netshape, the Rhino
Usual Bases: Phil's New York loft apartment
Former Bases: None
Current Groups: None
Former Groups: He talked to the New Warriors once, but never joined.
Education: High School Graduate
Phil Urich's uncle, Ben, was investigating an old Osborn Industries warehouse, and Phil accompanied him. While the two were searching, a number of hoods jumped Ben. Phil hid, and accidentally stumbled into the secret headquarters of Harry Osborn - the Green Goblin! He backed up into a large cannister full of icky green fluid, and got covered in the highly dangerous Stromm Formula. Knowing his uncle was in trouble, Phil quickly donned the costume and succeeded in scaring off the criminals. Once he had flown back to his apartment, and realized the extent of his actions, he decided it would be cool to keep the Goblin-gear.
At first, Phil became the Green Goblin for kicks, but as time went on, he became confused about what his real purpose was. He had a run-in with the Rhino, and got the best of the grey behemoth. He also teamed-up with the Scarlet Spider to stop the players in "The Great Game", even though he lusted after the malicious lady mercenary, Joystick. The new Goblin intervened on the Hobgoblin while heisting the New York subway "money train". Phil became haunted by all the past Goblin incarnations, from Norman Osborn to Jack Macendale. "Death comes to all who assume the mantle of the Goblin!" they warned him, but he didn't listen.
It wasn't until the corrupt New York Judge Tomb put a contract on his Uncle's life that Phil actually gained a sense of duty toward his newfound identity. With the help of Daredevil, Green Goblin stopped the assassin Purge, gave the not-so-honorable judge a serious warning (he threw Purge's arm-mounted cannon through Tomb's study window), and began acting like a hero.
However, all the popularity and press Phil gained as the Green Goblin got him more attention than he desired. The widow Liz Osborn engaged the Daily Bugle, hoping to get Ben Urich's Green Goblin file to find out who had stolen her husband's villan identity. After Phil saved Liz and her son, Normie, from Angel Face and her band of electronic thieves, the widow Osborn gave the new Goblin her blessing!
Subsequently, the Goblin gained a sort of cult following among the younger generation of New Yorker's. Many saw him as a renegade hero, a lone-wolf playing by his own rules. GG has gone up against some new foes, including the electronic-thief femme fatale Angel Face, and the armored Steel Slammer.
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Features: Rather gawky
Powers & Paraphenalia
Strength Level: Presently unknown. The Goblin suit gives Phil augmented strength, enough to lift heavy objects and trash city property.
Powers: Phil possesses no natural-born superhuman powers. All of his abilites are given to him through the suit.
Abilities: Uncanny ability to look like a total geek at any time.
Equipment: When Phil dons the brain-sizzling Goblin mask, he gains superhuman strength and speed. The suit also shields him from damage. Installed in the mask is a device that gives Phil his "manical laugh", which can disable people from the sonic force. He has electrical finger-blasters that shoot energy beams and bright flashes.
(Costume)The costume possessed by Phil was once Harry Osborn's "next generation" of Green Goblin. The most intricate piece of the Goblin's costume is the mask, which including remote cameras, scanners, and 'glider-cam' vision abilites, houses the maniacal-laugh device.
(Mask)The mask is the source of Phil's power. Whenever he puts it on, it delivers a massive electrical charge through his body, boosting his natural abilities. Arm and leg power-bracers enhance his power even more. The Goblin also has mini-jets installed in the boots, which he can use whenever his glider is out of action. The boot-jets act a lot like roller-blades, and let him fly without extra equipment.
(Glider) The Goblin's real power lies in his assortment of weapons and equipment. The most prominent piece of Goblin equipment is his Bat Glider. A long, bat-shaped platform propelled by jets, the glider allows him to fly through the city, and hover in mid-air. Phil recently rigged a video-game joystick to give him remote control of the glider. It also has a camera installed in the nose, giving the Goblin enhanced reconaissance abilities.
Weapons: Plenty of those too...
(Bag Of Tricks) It looks like a regular leather hip bag, but the real advantage is not the thing itself, but the Goblin-Goodies inside!
(Pumpkin Bombs) The Green Goblin's trademark weapons are his pumpkin bombs. Small orange spheres resmebling Jack O' Lanterns, the pumpkin bombs hold explosives, smoke, concussion and flashbomb charges. He often uses them as an intimidation weapon, laughing and hurling the smoking bombs.
(Glove Blasters)Installed in the tip of the index-finger of each of the Goblin's gloves are high-powered, electrical blasters. These powerful devices give the Goblin his most basic and straightforward attack. He can also use the electrical energy produced from the gloves to create a blinding flash, incapacitating his foes for several seconds.
(Gas Ghosts) Small gelatin ghost-like shapes, this devices releases a noxious gas that causes nausea and coughing. Phil accidentally learned how these work by chucking one on the floor in his apartment.
(Razor Bat Blades) These sharp weapons are long, bat-shaped blades that can be thrown, often in three's. Phil uses these more to short-out armored suits (as in issue #9), or to cut wires. He rarely uses them to slice up people. After all, he's a good guy!
Limitations: Phil's main limitation is his inexperience with the entire 'hero' thing. The suit and equipment gives him the ability to walk the walk, but it's taken him some time to learn the talk. Another main limitation for Phil is the reputation that has preceeded the Green Goblin, but those images of chaos and evil have been tainted by the Goblin's latest exploits.
Mystic Goblin Changes
Armor and Mask can be called and dismissed at will
Any of his weapon can Mystically appear in hands
Goblin Glider is now a dragon that breathes fire
Weapons and powers are stronger

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