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(A Jedi Knight-based OCC)

"May the Force Be with You."

They are dimensional travelers who roam the megaverse exploring new lands and planets. Often they are drawn to places of suffering and oppression. A Justicar is committed to helping those less fortunate. They till the soil, help build housing, drive off invaders, protect the people, and render general aid to those that are in need. You might think of them as bards, roaming from land to land, helping people from all walks of life wherever they go.

Consequently, they can be found almost anywhere in the megaverse. They are seasoned travelers, accustomed to seeing the grim realities that many people live under. There travels have led them to meet many strange and wondrous civilizations. They themselves are considered dimensional being, even though they resemble humans in every way. So much in fact, that they can produce offspring when mated with a human.

No one knows exactly where the Justicar come from. Even the Justicar themselves are not sure where the Masters came from. They are recruited from all walks of life from lowly peasants/slaves to noble born.
Note: This is the closest concept to true Jedi Knights that I can conceive of regarding their abilities. The History is written as such to give the GM a free hand to define their goals and the Socio-Economic climate of their origins.

Special Abilities:
The Force (Psionic Ability): Justicar are trained to tap into their minds source of I.S.P., which becomes second nature to them. Few Justicar realize the nature of their ability, thinking of it as energy produced by their belief in a Force that hold the entire universes together. To use a Force power, all the Justicar must do is concentrate and expend the appropriate amount of I.S.P. A Justicar begins with the following psionic abilities;
Sixth Sense
Sense Evil
Telekinesis (Super)
Mind Block
Detect Psionics

At 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th and 15th levels, the Justicar may choose 2 new psionic abilities from the following list;
Mask ISP/Psionics
Deaden Pain
Telekinetic Leap
Telekinetic Push
Alter Aura
Hypnotic Suggestion
Summon Inner Strength
PPE Shield
Resist Fatigue
Resist Hunger
Resist Thirst
Advanced Trance State
Mind Block Auto-Defense
Impervious to Cold
Impervious to Fire
Impervious to Poison/Toxin

 Initial I.S.P; Justicars are considered master psionics. They have a base I.S.P. of ME x 10 and gain 2D6 I.S.P. per level of experience. Due to the Justicars innate knowledge and use of their abilities, all psionic powers cost ˝ the I.S.P. to use at level 5.

Training Bonuses: Through their intense training, a Justicar gains the following bonuses; Add 2D6x10 to Physical SDC or 1D4x10 MD if a Mega-Damage being, Add 1D4 to PE & PP, and 1D4 to ME & MA.

Attribute Requirements: PE 10 or higher, ME 10 or higher. A high IQ and MA helps, but isnt necessary.

O.C.C. Skills:
Climbing (+15%)
General Athletics
Language: Native at 98%
Literacy: Native at 98%
Lore: D-Bee (+20%)
Prowl (+10%)
Radio: Basic
Pilot: One of choice (+5%)
WP: Soul Lance
WP: One of Choice

Hand-to-Hand: Expert (Can be changed to Martial Arts at a cost of one other skill.)

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 10 other skills at level one, plus three additional skills at levels three, six, and nine, and two at level twelve.

Communications: Any
Domestic: Any
Electrical: Any
Espionage: Any
Mechanical: Any (except Locksmith, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer)
Medical: Any (except MD or MD Cybernetics)
Military: Demolitions & Demolitions Disposal Only)
Physical: (+5% where applicable)
Pilot: Any
Pilot Related: Any
Rogue: Any
Science: Any
Technical: Any
WP: Any
Wilderness: Any

Secondary Skills: The Character also gets to select 5 secondary skills from the previous list. These additional areas of knowledge do not get the advantage of any bonuses other than an IQ bonus if applicable.

Standard Equipment: Two suits of clothing (What ever the Sojourner is most comfortable with) as well as, a cloak or long robe. A suit of light or medium Mega-Damage Armor, Sunglasses or tinted goggles, air filter, first aid kit, knapsack or backpack, utility/ammo belt, one large sack, 50ft of lightweight cord, small knife, bedroll, canteen or other water container, language translator, 2 TW devices of choice (excluding weapons), and moderate personal possessions. Note: Justicar are very fond of TW Devices and technology. Consequently, it is not surprising to catch a Justicar using them.

A Justicar may own any sort of vehicle, excluding powered armor and Bots, but tend to avoid heavy, sluggish combat vehicles such as tanks, APC, etc. A Justicar much prefers riding animals or other swift means of conveyance.

Weapons: A Justicar starts out with his/her Soul Lance (personally customized to their tastes) and one other weapon of choice (Usually a TW creation). Additional weapons must be found or purchased later.

Money: A Justicar begins with 1D4x1000 credits, and several tradable items worth roughly 1D6x1000 credits. Justicar do not actively seek or hoard money as they spend much of it on the less fortunate.

Cybernetics: Justicar will get Bio-Cybernetic systems as needed...But they will NEVER voluntarily modify their bodies.

WP: Soul Lance; this is a skill, which ONLY a Justicar can learn, since the bonuses are more reliant upon the Justicars psionic abilities (to a very limited extent) while fighting than on physical training. In addition, the following bonuses are gained;

+1 to Strike at level one, plus an additional +1 to strike at levels three, five, seven, and eleven.
+1 to parry at level one, plus an additional +1 to parry at levels three, five, seven and nine.
Beginning at level 2, the Justicar can use his soul lance to parry energy blasts (Laser, P-Beam weapons, Ion, Plasma, etc.) with a +5 bonus in addition to normal parry bonus. This is not so much a physical skill as an instinctive extension of the Sixth Sense, which allows them to determine where the shot is going.
Beginning at level 3, the Justicar gains the ability to reflect energy blasts back at their shooters. Base skill is PP% +15%, +5% per Level of experience after level 3. Upon a successful skill roll, the Justicar adds ˝ of his parry bonuses to the strike (Including hand-to-hand). The Attacker, however, may attempt to dodge his incoming blast but is 8 to do so.

Soul Lance:
The Soul Lance is similar to the psionic ability of a Psi-Sword. The Soul Lance device is an amplifier that directly responds to the unique psychic signature of it owner. To anyone else, the Soul Lance device is as useless as a pretty paperweight.

Weight: 1-3 lbs., depending on materials used in construction
Mega-Damage: 1D6x100 MD
Rate of Fire: See WP: Soul Lance
Maximum Effective Range: Melee, but can be thrown and guided through Telekinesis
Payload: Limited only to the Justicar current I.S.P. level. Costs 1 I.S.P. to activate and lasts for 10 minutes or until deactivated.
Black Market Cost: NOT AVAILABLE. Justicars guard the technology used to build Soul Lances carefully. Even assuming one managed to find its way to the Black Market, it would be worthless to anyone.

Copied and minor Changes are mine but the basic Ideas are from  Wolf Pack Mercenary Corps..
(The original site no longer exists)

© 2010 Kevin Siembieda; © 2010 Palladium Books®, All rights reserved world wide.
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