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Col. Frost
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Special Forces Soldier
Colonel Frost
Real Name: David Alan Frost
Alias: Frost, Dave
Alignment: Scrupulous
Hit Points: 137, S.D.C.: 504, M.D.C.: 641
Weight: 260 lbs.
Height: 6' 2"
Age: 39
Attributes: I.Q.25, M.E.25, M.A.20, P.S.61, P.P.36, P.E.49, P.B.28, Spd.59/71(Swimming)
Disposition:  Chivalrous, Altruist, Teetotaler, Diplomatic, Even-tempered, Creative, a true Leader, Driven for justice, can seem cold & unemotional
Experience Level: 15th Level Special Forces (Modified)/Mega-Mutant
Combat Skills: Commando
Attacks Per Melee: 7
Bonuses: (This includes PS, PP bonuses) Damage: +50, Strike: + 12, Parry: +16, Dodge: +16, Roll with Punches/Fall/Impact: +12, Initiative: + 5, Disarm: +1, Pull Punches: +6, Automatic Dodge: +3, Paired Weapons, Body Flip/Throw, Backward Sweep Kick, Automatic Body Flip/Throw, Karate Kick, Jump Kick, Critical Body Flip/Throw, Death Blow: Natural 18-20, Critical Strike: Natural 17-20
Other Bonuses: V. Horror factor
Super Power Category: Mutant
Major Super Abilities: 
Mutant Traits: Stocky 
Education Level:  B.S. in Electrical Engineer
Scholastic Bonus: +11%
O.C.C. Skills:  Math: Basic, Radio: Basic, Radio: Scrambler, Lang./Lit.: English (American Midwest Dialect),  Lang./Lit.: French, Land Navigation, Intelligence, Streetwise, Lore: Demons & Monsters, Pilot: Automobile,  Pilot: Truck,  Pilot: Robots & Power Armor,  Pilot: Robot Combat: Elite SAMAS (SF), Wilderness Survival, Climbing,Prowl, Running/Jogging, Boxing, WP: Energy Pistol, WP: Energy Rifle, WP: Automatic Pistol, WP: Archery & Targeting (98%, 15th)
M.O.S. Skills: Parachuting, Military Fortification, Trap Construction, Trap/Mine Detection (98%, 15th)
O.C.C. Related Skills: Demolitions, Demolitions Disposal (98%,15th), Anthropology (85%), Math: Advanced (98%, 11th), Chemistry (76%), Chemistry: Analytical (71%, 7th), Pick Locks, Locksmith (51%, 3rd)
Secondary Skills: Swimming, S.C.U.B.A., Computer Operations, Computer Programming (98%, 15th), Robot Electronics, Robot Mechanics (98%, 12th), Paramedics (91%), Field Surgery (59%, 8th), Camouflage (51%), Armorer (field) (71%, 4th), Horsemanship: Cowboy (80%/64%), Horsemanship: Exotic Animals (46%/36%, 1st)
Old Earth Special Forces Skills: Electronic Countermeasures (ECM), Computer Hacking, Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Warfare, Detect Ambush, Detect Concealment, Interrogation Techniques, Sniper, WP: Blunt, WP:  Chain, WP: Knife, WP: Automatic & Semi-automatic Rifles, WP: Bolt-Action Rifle, WP: Sub-Machinegun, WP: Heavy Weapons, WP: Heavy Energy Weapons (98%, 15th)
Extra Skills: Bicycling, Kayaking, Pilot: Water Scooters, Pilot: Water Skiing & Surfing, Pilot:  Military Vehicles, Pilot: Motorcycle, Baseball: Pitcher, Advanced Swimming (ATB), Leadership (ATB) (98%, 15th), Blending (85%, 15th), Tactics (76%, 15th), Outback Combat Driving, Bodybuilding, Gymnastics, Wrestling Atheletics, Ballet, Body Sculpting, Sprinting, Track & Field, Cross-Country Running, Marathon Running, Physical Labor (15th)
Appearance: Attractive & impressive looking adult human male with white-blonde hair and light blue eyes
Weapons, Vehicles, & Equipment:
Body Armor:

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