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Black Dragon Mercenary Group
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Size & Orientation:
A. Sponsorship:
B. Outfits:
C. Equipment:
D. Vehicles:
E. Weapons, Power Armor, & Bots:
F. Communication:
G. Internal Security:
H. Permanent Base:
I. Intelligence Resources:
J. Special Budget:
K. General Alignment:
L. Criminal Activity:
M. Reputation/ Credentials:
N. Salary:
Total Points:
Officers:  0 Officers

Important Officers/Individuals:
Commanding Officer
Commander of Support Personnel
Commander of Airborne Units/Personnel.
Commander of Intelligence Units
Director of Training and Recruiting
Commander of Special Forces and Infiltration Groups
Commander of Mage and Psychic Personnel.
Commander of Medical Staff
Personnel (Averages):
Line / Combat Personnel: 

 0 Coalition Elite R.P.A. (CS Deserters)
 0 Coalition Grunts (CS Deserters)
 0 Coalition Military Specialists (CS Deserters)
 0 Coalition Dog Boys (CS Deserters)
 0 Coalition Psi Stalker (CS Deserters)
 0 Special Forces
 0 Headhunters, half with robot combat elite
 0 Wilderness Scouts
 0 Full Conversion Borgs
 0 Ley Line Walkers
 0 Mystics
 0 Shifters
 0 Techno-Wizards
 0 Bursters
 0 Mind Melters
 0 Others (Cyber Knights, Crazies, Juicers, Adventurers, etc)

Total Personnel:
Approximately 0 Combat Personnel and 0 Support Personnel (including mechanics, medics, drivers, supply clerks, cooks, etc). All non combative personnel have some combat training (Equipped with ) due to the fact that assaults will end up effecting support personnel as well.

Weapons, Equipment, and Resources:
Ground Troops:
Vehicle & Fighter Crews:
Power Armors Units:
Special Units:
Ground Troops:
Vehicle & Fighter Crews:
Power Armors Units:
Special Units:

BD Merc Group utilizes all of Proj. Cont. staff and members

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