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Military Forces:
Ground / Air Forces:

Fortified Defenses; Personnel: (Controllers,  technicians, and  Gunners)

Veritech/Fighter Forces; Personnel:  ( Pilots,  Reserves, and  technicians)

Fighter/Attack Forces; Personnel:  ( Pilots,  Reserves, and  technicians)

Air Transport and Bomber Forces; Personnel:  (Crew members,  crew members)

Air/Ground Forces; Personnel:  ( Crewmembers and  Techs)

Mechanized Ground Forces; Personnel:  ( Crewmembers and  Techs)

Non-Mechanized Ground Forces: Personnel: 

Ocean Forces; Vessels: Personnel: .

Surface Ships:

Ocean Forces; Marines, Power Armors & Aircraft: Personnel:  ( Pilots,  Katana Pilots,  Marines).
Civil Defense Units:
Independent Mercenaries: Total:
All vehicles belong to the pilots and are serviced by the main technicians of the base.

Standard Issue for Personnel (Does not include Civil Defense Units):
Body Armor:

Other Equipment:

O.C.C.s:  % Original Personnel: 
 % Recruited and Trained Personnel: 
 % Personnel from Other Militaries / Mercenary Companies: These people are Headhunters, Wilderness Scouts, and various mercenary O.C.C.s from Rifts Mercenaries and other game books.

Magic & Psychic Special Unit (Does not include Major and Minor Psychics):  0

 0 Superspies (Magic)
 0 Ley Line Walkers
 0 Mystics
 0 Shifters
 0 Superspies (Psychic)
 0 Wild Dogboys
 0 Mind Melters
 0 Non Coalition Psi Stalkers
 0 Bursters

Military Ranks:

Navy Personnel:                                 Air Forces, Army, and Marines Personnel:

O-10 Admiral                                       General
O-9 Vice Admiral                                 Lieutenant General
O-8 Rear Admiral                                Major General
O-7 Commodore                                  Brigadier General
O-6 Captain                                          Colonel
O-5 Commander                                  Lieutenant Colonel
O-4 Lt. Commander                            Major
O-3 Lt.                                                   Captain
O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade             First Lt.
O-1 Ensign                                           Second Lieutenant (Lt.)

Navy Personnel:                                Air Forces, Army, and Marines Personnel:

E-9 Master CPO                                 Command Sergeant Major
E-8 Senior CPO                                  Master Sergeant
E-7 Chief Petty Officer (CPO)          Sergeant First Class
E-6 PO First Class                             Staff Sergeant
E-5 PO Second Class                        Sergeant
E-4 Petty Officer (PO) Third Class  Corporal
E-3 Crewman                                      Private First Class
E-2 Apprentice Crewman                 Private Second Class
E-1 Recruit Crewman                        Private
Military rules & regulation:

Military rules of conduct are similar to most modern militaries; However, sexual contact between personnel is only forbidden between officers in the same chain of command and between officers and enlisted. If a person who commits a crime is in the service they are subject to civilian, military, or both for legal actions. Court-martials cover serious crimes and often will give much harsher sentences than civilian courts. Unlike a court, a court-martial consists of 5 officers or for enlisted the accused choice of 5 officers or 5 senior enlisted and the court-martial needs only a majority rule. Officers always get court-martials and cannot get non-judicial punishment. Breaking of less serious laws and breaking military rules for enlisted will usually get non-judicial punishment which is punishment by the commanding officer of your unit.

Military Protocol: Officers in New Washington Republic are addressed as sir or ma'am depending of the sex of the officer.

Senior Officers:

Director of Flight personnel
Director of Ground personnel
Director of Naval and Marine personnel
Director of Military Training and Recruiting
Commander of Air/Ground Power Armors
Commander of Civil Defense Units
Commander of Coast Guards
Comander of Magic Units
Commander of Scout Units
Treaties & Policies:

Federation of Magic:
Dweomor City:
Free Quebec:
New German Republic:
New Navy: 
Pecos Empire:
Vampire Kingdom:
Areas around :



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