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Multiple Corporation backed, Shi'ar backed technology

Organization Size: Mega Agency

A. Outfits: Unlimited (40): Any and everything
B. Equipment: Unlimited (40): Anything
C. Weapons: Unlimited (40): Anything
D. Bionics & Robotics:Unlimited (80): Characters belonging to the agency can receive any number of bionic and cybernetic implants, organs and reconstruction, subject to approval from the organization's leaders. Repairs, replacements, and ammunition are automatic and supplied quickly. Type one, two and three robots can also be constructed, repaired, and modified by this agency. The there is no money limitation

E. Vehicles: Unlimited (40): The character is provided with any vehicle he desires which may have an unlimited amount of Hardware modifications made to it free of charge
F. Communication: Unlimited (20): The agency has its own satellite and telephone network dedicated solely to use by its agents (not such a big deal nowadays)

G. Offices & Distribution: International (10): An office in every major city of every country. If desired the office maybe disguised as a warehouse or some other structure. Each city also has four safe houses in the suburbs and another four in the country, with low to medium value externally. Inside will be an armoured safe room with a large arsenal of weapons and hardware equipment
H. Military Power: Private Militia (10): The agency has its own commando force of up to 200 mercenaries (roll D4 for the level of each soldier), 25% of which may include robotic exoskeletons.
I. Sponsorship: International,Private (3),(35):

J. Special Budget: Mega (40): Up to D10 x10,000,000 dollars available 
K.Administrative Control: Rigid (0): The players can never break the law

L. Internal Security: Impregnable (40): Video monitoring of all entrances and exits. Employees are checked for electronic picture ID and signature,fingerprints and must pass through a metal detector, employees are also strip searched, also includes passwords, retinal scans, x-rays and gene markers
M. Research and Information Gathering: Unlimited (40): Massive research and information network with full time staff monitoring all data, up to the minute updating, and assistants and private research personnel for grunt work. Staff of technical specialists and laboratory facilities are also available at key centers around the world. Connections with 2D6X100 news agencies around the globe, Interpol, the military, and spy agencies
N. Agency Credentials: Superheroes (40): These characters are as well known as any major pop star and may have their own cult following. They feature on magazine covers and headline news

O. Agency Salary: Outrageous (40): $5000 per week plus a commission bonus according to the threat level encountered and sponsorship endorsements

P. Arcane Library:  Museum (40): A large library of about 4000 reference books on magic, the supernatural, legends, and lore. Plus an additional 2000 rare books, private diaries, original letters and scrolls on the subjects of magic and the paranormal. The rarest authentic books contain instructions on casting spells and magic rituals

Total Points: 600 points 

Points Spent:

Roster of Active Members:
Avengers:  13 Members
Alpha Flight: 7 Members
Fantastic Four: 4 Members
Gamma Raiders: 10 Members
Heroes for Hire: 6 Members
Irregulars: 6 Members
Thunderbolts: 11 Members
X-Men: 11 Members

It is a multi-national group backed by the U.N.

I also used Marc Antony's version

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