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Extreme X-Men


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Resident Thief


Real Name: Remy LeBeau
Affiliation: (X-Treme) X-Men, Thieves' Guild (Leader)>?
Previous Affiliations: X-Men Status: Divorced (Belladonna)
Relatives: Jean-Luc (foster-father), Henri (foster-brother, deceased), Mercy (sister-in-law)
Powers: Gambit can charge objects with kinetic energy, causing them to explode. He is extremely agile and quick, and well trained in the martial arts. His thoughts are hard to control, and his voice is somewhat hypnotic. His power's true potential, though permanently excised now, is to control all manner of kinetic energy, allowing him to fire energy blasts, defy gravity and effectively exist as energy. As the adopted son of the leader of the Thieves' Guild of New Orleans, Gambit is also, needless to say, a phenomenal thief. When Remy was forced to marry his lover Belladonna to keep the peace between the Theives' Guild and her family's Assassins' Guild, her brother Julien challenged him and was killed. As a result, Gambit left New Orleans and apparently ended up in Seattle, where he did some work for Sinister. In addition, at this point in time Gambit's powers were flaring out of control to the potential listed above, and he had Sinister perform an operation that lowered them to normal levels.

His last job was to assemble a group of operatives and help them to infiltrate a secret, closed community. These "operatives," now known as the Marauders, were let into the Morlock tunnels, where they commenced the slaughter known as the Mutant Massacre. Gambit tried to stop them, and was almost gutted by Sabretooth. He did manage to save a little girl named Sarah, who would one day grow up to be Marrow.

Months later, Gambit ran into the de-aged Storm when they both tried to rob the same house. The two became a team, and escaped the Shadow King's minions, who were chasing Storm, and ended up at the ruins of the X-Mansion just in time to be captured by the Genoshan Army and taken to Genosha for trial. Upon Professor X's return, Gambit became a charter member of the X-Men's Blue Team, but always seemed as if he had secrets, which of course, he did. He very shortly became enamored of Rogue, and the two have pursued an on-again, off-again relationship ever since. When Belladonna was injured by the Brood, Gambit faced down the immortal Candra to obtain a cure for her wounds. While he was an X-Man, however, he could not escape the shadow of his past, and when the X-Men were captured by Nanny, working for Magneto, Gambit was put on trial and the full extent of his actions was revealed.

The X-Men escaped, but while Rogue refused to allow Gambit to die in the collapsing citadel they had been in, she left him to fend for himself in the frozen wasteland of Antarctica. Somehow, however, he reappeared while trying to steal the Crimson Gem of Cytorrak, and help Storm and Shadowcat defeat an ailing Juggernaut. Gambit agreed to return to the X-Men, mainly for his self-respect and for his love for Rogue. At the time, Gambit was under the influence of a wraith who constantly threatened him and his friends if he didn't agree to stay with her forever. Apparently, Remy had made his way back into Magneto's Antarctic citadel and was starving to death when he came upon the wraith, a dead mutant girl's psionic essence. This Mary Purcell bonded with him and allowed him to survive until he reached the Savage Land, where someone called "The New Son" helped him get back to civilization.

In return, Gambit ran errands for the New Son, whose ultimate goal is to reconcile man and mutant. When the X-Men finally found out about Gambit's parasite, the energy girl fled with Remy to her old hometown, where she tried to force him to merge with her and become a new type of hybrid lifeform. While Gambit wrestled with her, Rogue charged in with a containment unit, which ultimately dispersed Mary. The full effects of this ordeal are not yet known, as Mary had been subtly manipulating Gambit's body and increasing his powers to ever-higher levels. Recently, he travelled to the past, where he encountered Candra and stopped her from discovering Apocalypse's secrets, helped his father's younger self, and saved his Tante Mattie from a mob. In order to get home, he had the Sinister of the era reactivate his full potential power. This upgrade allows Gambit much more range in his powers. He could then detonate things at a distance, without physical contact, and also charge organic matter, which he never could before. This made him very dangerous, because he could technically blow you up from the inside out just by thinking about it. In addition, his power became hyperactive, to the point where the slightest emotion can set off an explosion around him. The power could even heal mortal wounds, like the stab wound he received from Bullseye. Finally, he could generate a permanent static energy field around his body. This allowed him to touch Rogue: his static field dissipated her power.

When his father disappeared shortly thereafter, Gambit was left in control of the nearly decimated Thieves' Guild of New Orleans. In addition, the New Son turned against him, hiring many assassins to kill Gambit. Eventually, New Son revealed that he was actually an alternate reality version of Remy, who had come to our Earth to prevent it from being destroyed. Gambit fought the New Son and trapped him between moments in time.

In the meanwhile, Gambit also recalled the members of the X-Men on leave into a team, of which he became the de facto leader, and there was some concern over Remy being able to handle the dual leadership roles, and the X-Men not wanting to get embroiled in Guild concerns because of it. Remy and Rogue also broke up, then got back together, on, off, on, off. During the Maximum Security event, Gambit was approached by an alien prison guard who wanted to change the past, and ended up helping him in return for command codes that Remy used to help Earth's heroes stop and contain Ego, the Living Planet.

Eventually the New Sun (new name) broke free, confronted Remy and brought him to his own world. He forced Remy to actualize his full abilities, but then tried to kill him, as it was the New Sun's own attempt to resurrect the Old Kingdom that had destroyed his own world. Gambit, however, had no interest in the power or in dying, so he pushed all of his power into the New Sun, causing him to explode when a statue impaled him on its spear. Remy was narrowly rescued by Courier, and returned to our Earth, his powers returned to normal.

Remy became more of a free-lancer than a regular X-Man, and a few weeks later got into trouble in Australia, where he was accused of murdering the Viceroy, a local crimelord. The team of X-Men who had gone to look for Destiny's journals found and rescued him, and Gambit hung around, most likely to be near Rogue. Unfortunately, one of Destiny's Prophecies was fulfilled and Gambit was captured by alien invaders and turned into a living conduit for the space elevator they sent to Earth, his energy-based powers making him the perfect battery. Resigned to die rather than let Earth be conquered, Gambit asked the X-Men to kill him, since they were unable to breach the protective forcefield around him.

When the X-Men got the power to fluctuate slightly, Gambit managed to charge up a rock, but it got caught when the power beam restabilized. Finally, Rogue sped to rescue Gambit, but the power beam trapped her with him, and they were both stabbed by Vargas. Both Remy and Rogue survived by a near margin, and Beast arrived with other X-Men and performed surgery on Gambit. Even so, Rogue was forced to enter the astral plane to force Gambit to want to live.

Following the repulsion of the invasion, Gambit found himself powerless, though he did not reveal this condition to anyone except Rogue, who was powerless herself. The two left the X-Men, intending to further explore their relationship.

Note: It appears that Gambit will live a very long time, as he seems to be the "LeBeau" who is the head of Stark-Fujikawa in Bishop's future. This longevity might be a result of him taking the life serum of Candra at some point in the future. However, recent developments with this "Witness" indicate that Gambit is not the same person.