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Extreme X-Men


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Leader of Xtreme X-Men


Orphaned as a child, Ororo Munroe developed the power to command the forces of nature -- and once was worshipped as a goddess in Africa for that very reason. As a member of the X-Men, she wields her unique genetic gifts to protect a world that hates and fears mutants!

Real Name: Ororo Munroe
Occupation: Adventurer
Group Affiliation: X-Men
Base of Operations: Mobile
First Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975)

Height: 5'11
Weight: 127 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White

Powers: Storm is a mutant with the ability to manipulate weather. She can stimulate any form of precipitation, generate winds in varying degrees of intensity, raise or lower the humidity and temperature in her immediate vicinity, induce lightning and other electrical atmospheric phenomena, and disperse natural storms so as to create clear change.


Ororo Munroe is descended from an ancient line of African priestesses, all with the potential to wield magic. Her mother, the princess of a tribe in Kenya, married an American photojournalist and moved with him to Manhattan. When Ororo was 6 months old, she and her parents relocated to Cairo, Egypt. Five years later, a bomb destroyed their home during a Middle Eastern conflict. Ororo's parents were killed, but she survived, buried under tons of rubble near her mother's body. This traumatizing experience left Ororo with severe claustrophobia, which afflicts her still. Homeless and orphaned, she came under the tutelage of master thief Achmed el-Gibar. Ororo was his prize pupil, and she became the most accomplished pickpocket and sneak thief in Cairo within a year.

When she was 12, Ororo felt a strong urge to head south and reconnect with her familial roots, and journeyed alone across the Sahara Desert. Finally, she reached her ancestors' homeland: the Serengeti Plain, straddling the modern nations of Kenya and Tanzania. By adolescence, her mutant ability to manipulate the weather had emerged, and she used it to aid the local tribes, who worshipped her as the Storm Goddess. Professor X convinced her to abandon the sheltered world she had surrounded herself with so that she could use her great powers to benefit the entire world.

Hated and feared for her strange and frightening abilities -- not revered, as she had been in Africa -- Ororo has stood fast with the X-Men in their attempts to promote peaceful coexistence between man and mutant. Except for brief periods away from the team, she has remained a member ever since -- even through the temporary loss of her mutant abilities.

Although a lifetime removed from her years in Africa, Storm's noble demeanor and selfless actions befit a young woman born of royalty. Self-assured and authoritative, she is also calm, gentle and understanding. A powerful presence among the X-Men, she is a classic beauty in every sense of the word. Storm bears a sense of responsibility for the safety those she leads, and is deeply loyal to her friends and teammates.

While she commands Mother Nature's bountiful gifts, Ororo is capable of unleashing the catastrophic fury of the elements. One with the Earth, she truly understands the sanctity of life and feels a strong obligation to help preserve it in all its forms -- man or mutant, plant or animal, good or evil.
Storm then traveled the desert until she came to a tribe in Kenya suffering from drought. She used her powers to help them, and they revered her as a goddess, a role she played until Charles Xavier came to invite her to join his new X-Men. After Cyclops left the team, Storm took over as field leader. A few months later, Storm was shot with a Neutralizer, a weapon invented by the techno-genius known as Forge that erased her mutant ability. In truth, the powers were still there, but Ororo couldn't access them. In times of intense stress, however, the weather would respond to her emotions, although she never realized it. Storm regained her powers when the Adversary sent her and Forge to an alternate dimension, so they wouldn't interfere with his plan to destroy the world. In the seclusion of an empty world, Forge was able to build an anti-Neutralizer. Storm and Forge were lovers almost from the moment they met, despite his invention of the Neutralizer, and Forge eventually proposed to Ororo. However, he retracted his offer when he realized that Ororo could never be a complete person outside of the X-Men, at least not at that point in time. Storm has undergone two major physiological changes: first, she was abducted by Nanny II and regressed to childhood, with little control over her powers. Later, when she and some of the New Mutants were captured by the Genoshans, Storm was turned into a mutate slave designated #20. However, the Genegineer who transformed her programmed a failsafe that restored her mind and regrew her to adulthood when she touched Cyclops. She was also able to restore all the other X-Men's powers, which had been nullified by Wipeout. That ability was a one-shot deal; she does not possess it any more. Storm then returned to the X-Men and led one of the strike teams for a long time. She only recently took a back seat to her friend Gambit, and only for a short time at that. She returned to the role of leader when the lost Books of Truth, prophecies written by the precog Destiny were discovered. Fearful of the temptation that Xavier would be under should he find out about the Books, Storm organized a secret mission to find them, taking a number of her teammates with her, and not telling Professor X.

Early on in their mission, Storm agreed to help a number of Saurid refugees travel to the Savage Land. The mission was ambushed by the Savage Land Mutates, and Storm was captured by Brainchild. Brainchild brainwashed Storm and also genetically maniuplated her body to revert her to a more feral state, complete with fangs and claws, and sent her to attack the X-Men. Though the X-Men helped Storm break Brainchild's hold on her, Storm was concerned about lingering effects, though since she was somehow returned to normal, she seems fine.

Recently, while stopping an inter-dimensional invasion in Madripoor, Storm was brutally betrayed and slashed in the spine by Viper. Fortunately, the invading leader, Khan was smitten with Storm and brought her to his dimension where the advanced medicine saved her life. Though Khan wanted Storm to be his queen, she eventually escaped with the rest of her X-Men. Since then she has been recovering well under Wolverine's guidance, but she still pushes the envelope too far too often, leaving her at risk for permanent paralysis. And though Storm's team and their whereabouts are now known to Professor X and she has had contact with some of his staff, Storm has maintained her team's independence, hoping to focus on protecting humans from mutants.