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Extreme X-Men
Slip Stream


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The Super-Surfer


Real Name: Davis Cameron (né Warbeck)
Affiliation: None
Previous Affiliations: (X-Treme) X-Men
Relatives: Miles Warbeck ("Viceroy," father, deceased), Unnamed Shi'ar Mother (possibly Deathbird), Heather (Lifeguard, sister), Mr. & Mrs. Cameron (foster parents)
Powers & History: Slipstream is a teleporter, who opens a portal he calls the "Warp Wave." It's apparently a quantum wormhole that may use super-strings to connect any two locations on Earth. Using a shortened metal surfboard, Slipstream navigates the wave to his intended destination. He can transport other people with him, but it is up to him to maintain and control the wave.

Davis Cameron was just a normal Australian surfer until the (X-Treme) X-Men found him and his sister Heather and told them that they were really the children of a now-deceased Sydney crimelord. Not knowing that these people were mutants, Davis became enamored of Storm, and managed to get in a dance with her before they were all attacked by Tong assassins. Heather revealed that she was a mutant, as did the X-Men, which Davis found very cool.

However, when Lifeguard was subsequently abducted by the alien invader Shaitan as she was trying to rescue Gambit, Tessa revealed to Davis that he was a latent mutant, and that his power could help find his sister. Davis allowed Sage to activate his latent powers so he could locate Heather and transport the team to her location. Davis helped the X-Men as they fought against the invasion, but his inexperience showed when he defended Rogue against Vargas, and Vargas wounded him badly.

Unfortunately for Davis, while he was recovering, his sister underwent massive physical changes that revealed her Shi'ar heritage, making her unrecognizable to him. He rejected her when she came to see him and left the hospital as soon as he was able, telling her not to try and find him.