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Extreme X-Men


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Full Name: Tessa Niles(?)
Affiliation: (X-Treme) X-Men
Previous Affiliations: X-Men, Hellfire Club NY
Powers: Sage is a telepath of limited ability, strong enough to read minds and communicate telepathically, but nowhere near the level of a Phoenix or a White Queen. As Sebastian Shaw's familiar, Tessa advised and counseled her employer in business as well as in his more shadier dealings. Recently, however, Tessa left Shaw's side and ended up in the X-Mansion, saying that she had been working on Professor X's orders all along, and had been effectively spying on and controlling Shaw for years. She became an advisor to the X-Men, and was helping to train some of them. Tessa also made an attempt to persuade Senator Kelly not to run for President on an anti-mutant platform, saying that by doing so he became no better than Magneto, who he felt was opressing the human race and threatening it with genocide. Shortly thereafter, Storm renamed Tessa as "Sage" and took her and a number of X-Men to find the lost journals of Destiny. Sage has apparently developed the ability to detect mutants, and also to temporarily catalyze a latent mutant's powers. She has also trained as a martial artist and is quite lethal when she needs to be.