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The Remaining Originals
The guy with the white face is Morph

Real Name: Unknown
Affiliation: Exiles
Previous Affiliations: X-Men, New Mutants, Avengers
Relatives: Edward (father), Mother (unnamed, deceased)
History & Powers: Morph has the ability to shapeshift his body into anything he can imagine. He can stretch, mold and recolor all of his body, or just a part. Morph can even change his outfit using this power. More importantly to a combat situation, Morph can reattach severed limbs. His cellular structure is apparently so undifferentiated that all the parts of his body are effectively the same, so cutting through a limb, or even his torso, is akin to cutting through a sponge. Finally, Morph has no scent, a fact that used to drive his world's Wolverine batty.
As a result of his abilities, Morph was able to avoid persecution for being a mutant, and was able to have a fairly normal childhood. This led to his cheerful and irreverent disposition, which while sometimes annoying, often helps to cheer up his teammates. Another component of his personality comes from the fact that his mother (who smoked) died from lung cancer when he was thirteen, and his father always pushed him to be "serious," which he apparently rebelled against.

Morph is quite adept at using his power for sight gags, and usually shifts at least his outfit to match what he's talking or thinking about. However, despite his jocular nature, Morph is actually quite intelligent. Among the more well-adjusted and accepted of the X-Men, he even joined the Avengers for a short time, but eventually returned to the mutant team that had become his family. Unfortunately, he then became "unstuck in time" and was forced to join the Exiles in order to correct his timeline.

After the first mission, Morph became attracted to new member Sunfire, and flirted with her for months. They became closer friends over time until she finally revealed to him that she is gay. Though he was disappointed, Morph understood that her withholding this information was in a way, trying not to hurt him, and the two have remained friends, but apparently with less innuendo between them.

Recently, Morph revealed the ability to fly, but it is still unclear just how he manages this feat.

Reason for Being an Exile: In the disrupted timeline, his mutation destabilized, leaving him without coherent shape in a beaker on Beast's desk.