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The Light and Dark
Nocturne is the blue skinned one

Real Name: Talia Josephine "T.J" Wagner

Mutant Power(s): Limited psionic abilities, ability to create teleportation "hex" balls, ability to enter someone's body to block out memories, etc.

Group Affiliation: Exiles (former affiliations in her own world) X-Men, New Mutants

Exiles Issue No. 1 Bio: "She [Nocturne] is Talia Josephine 'T.J' Wagner. Nocturne. The daughter of one of her world's greatest X-Men. Possessing much of his [Nightcrawler] ability and bravado but many more talents of her own. She was raised under the watchful eye of her parents. And under the tutelage of Charles Xavier's School. She quickly moved up the ranks to be an X-Man in her own right, and to fight at the side of her father. Led by Wolverine since Professor X's retirement, they [X-Men] are a team consisting of seasoned veterans and highly skilled neophytes. It is her family. It is a life she loves."

Purpose in Exiles: In order to return her timeline back to normal, Nocturne must prevent her father's [Nightcrawler] death by stopping her grandmother, Mystique, from killing him.