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Second Leader of Exiles

Has yet to truly succeed at his mission.

The remaining original Members
the blond guy is Mimic

Real Name: Calvin Rankin
Mutant Power(s): Ability to mimic the powers of others up to 5 and only at half strength.
Group Affiliation: Exiles (former) Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Leader of the X-Men (in another reality)
Exiles Issue No. 1 Bio: "Mimic. A young man with the ability to copy the powers of others. Born into poverty and fueled by rage, the young Calvin Rankin found himself drawn towards darker elements. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Professor Charles Xavier saw past the arrogance and wished to tap into Calvin's potential. Charles reached out to the young man as no one had before. Calvin would join the School and thrive in its teachings. As a grown man, he has become a hero. He now leads the X-Men and is recognized as one of his world's greatest champions. His leadership and example have, in part, made his era of mutantkind the most accepted of any realm."
Recently Mimic lost his wings at the Trial of Phoenix. But, he mimicked Northstar's flight powers in Issue 6.
Purpose in Exiles: The error Mimic must correct is the botched kidnapping of Senator Kelly. This kidnapping turned into a massacre that put Mimic on the death row.