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First Leader of Exiles

First to truly succeed at her mission.  or maybe not.

The Remaining Originals (minus one)
Blink is the purple girl

Real Name: Clarice Ferguson
Affiliation: Exiles
Previous Affiliations: X-Men (AOA)
History & Powers: Blink has the ability to open teleportation portals to far-off locations. The portals have an effect radius of a few feet, so she can ferry teammates with ease. It does not seem that there is a limit to how far Blink can teleport, at least within one planet's boundaries. Blink also does not appear to be limited to teleporting to places she's been, nor does it seem she needs to calculate her jumps in any way. Blink has developed the added ability to throw javelins imbued with her power as a means of opening portals away from her body.

Clarice was born into a world dominated by Apocalypse, who was bent on wiping humanity from the Earth. She was captured by the High Lord's forces and brought to his pens, where Beest experimented on her and refined her powers. She was rescued by Weapon X and Sabretooth, who brought her into Magneto's X-Men. When Logan left shortly afterwards, Creed (Sabretooth) became Clarice's father figure.

Though experienced in battle and trained to fight by Creed, Blink lacked a certain maturity, and often chafed at Magneto's orders. One time after a reprimand for going off on her own, Blink left the X-Men and discovered an invasion force from the Negative Zone in our dimension. She defeated the invaders, but was pulled into the Zone and left with amnesia.

She was found by the warrior Ahmyor, who was fighting to depose Blastaar, the despotic ruler of the Negative Zone. The two fell in love and wreaked havoc among Blastaar's forces. Clarice regained her memory after being captured and imprisoned with children who reminded her of Illyana, whom she had met in the pens. Blastaar then taunted Blink with the revelation that Ahmyor was really Annihilus, the dictator whom Blastaar himself replaced. Clarice forgave Ahmyor (who had been amnesiac himself) after she escaped, and teleported him to safety before destoying Blastaar with his own Negative Cannon, which he had pointed at Earth. Clarice opened another portal and fell into the middle of the X-Men's dinner table back on Earth.

Some time later, Blink and Sunfire discovered that Apocalypse was continuing to exterminate humans in violation of the Kelly Pact he had signed. She teleported to the X-Men but was followed by Prelate Delgado. Fortunately, Blink can intentionally close her portals, which she did, destroying the prelate.

While half the team went to assist in the Sentinel evacuation of humans, and other allies went to complete Bishop's plan to return this timeline to its original state by changing the past, Blink joined Rogue's team to stop the cullings. She was enraged to find that Sabretooth had gone after the Horseman Holocaust by himself and was killed. Blink confronted Holocaust and nearly defeated him, cracking his armor and pitching him into a vat of genetic stew. He recovered, however, and Blink was saved by Rogue, and then by Sabretooth, who had not died, but was only heavily injured.

Blink fought with Magneto's forces in the final battle with Apocalypse, only to discover that the humans had unleashed their nuclear arsenal on America, dooming them all. Fortunately, before the bombs' impact, Clarice fell into a mysterious portal.

She awoke on a desert plateau and met Nocturne, who had no idea where they were either. They were soon joined by Morph, Mimic, Thunderbird and Magnus. After discovering the "Timebroker" and learning that they were all "unstuck" in time, Blink was given the Tallus gauntlet to wear. In conjunction with Blink's powers, the Tallus teleports the Exiles where they need to go. It also communicates with Clarice, though she's the only on who can hear it. Though some of the Exiles are older, Clarice was soon the de facto leader, due to her experiences and her lack of preconceptions about "the way things should be," since her own timeline was so starkly different from the others.

Blink began a romance with Mimic, who was also "tutoring" her in the histories of super-heroes in non-Apocalypse-dominated worlds. Recently, she was reunited with her father-figure Sabretooth, who also has a Tallus and is leading a team of reality-hoppers called Weapon X.

After establishing herself as the true leader of the Exiles, and consummating her relationship with Mimic, Blink was infected with the Transmode Virus on a world overrun by Vi-Locks, a synthesis of the Technarch and the Legacy Virus. Fortunately, the Exiles and the remaining heroes of that world were able to defeat the Vi-Locks and save Blink, but in restoring the timeline, they also "completed" Blink's mission and she was returned to the Age of Apocalypse, presumably to die in the nuclear holocaust that engulfed that world.

However, Blink somehow became "unstuck in time" again, and returned to the Exiles following Sunfire's death.

Reason for Being an Exile: She was never born in the disrupted timeline.