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And then the dead shall arise.

Magik I

Real Name: Illyana Rasputin
Affiliation: Exiles
Relatives: Piotr (Colossus, brother)
History & Powers: Magik is a teleporter, whose range and carrying capacity are still undetermined. It is also not clear whether she uses Limbo's Stepping Disks to teleport or whether the power is internally generated. Also unknown is why she became unstuck in time, although the fact that she replaced Blink, another teleporter, indicates that the Timebrokers may choose agents based on needed abilities.

Magik's first mission as an Exile was on a world in which all the heroes worked for a giant company run by Danny Rand (Iron Fist). The mission was to let the heroes be killed and Japan be destroyed by Moses Magnum. Magik had no problem with that if it allowed her to get closer to home, and though the Exiles agreed to try and find a better way, Magik found the heroes first and slaughtered them all. Even the presence of a Colossus didn't deter her from her work. None of the other Exiles saw Magik's actions, but Mimic suspects that they didn't leave that world because of anything but cold-blooded murder.

Reason for Being an Exile: Unknown.