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Real Name: Victor Creed

Mutant Power(s): Fast healing factor, agility, strength

Group Affiliation: Exiles (former) X-Men

Biography: Sabretooth comes from the Age of Apocalypse reality and he is Blink's father figure. He appeared in issue #6 with Kane and Deadpool to recruit the Hulk. In the end, they failed their mission and reappeared issue #12. This time, however, Kane was gone and there were new team members, Storm, Spider, Hulk and Vision. Weapon-X met up with the Exiles. The two teams had to rescue the many children from the sentinel holding place and kill David Richards, for this young child would mean the end of this world. However, the Exiles and Sabretooth refused to kill the child. Deadpool immediately snatched David Richards and prepared to commit murder, but it was Sabretooh who commited the murder, except he killed Deadpool! Blink teleported her team, Sabretooth and the children away from Weapon-X but, they were soon hunted down. A new, advanced Ironman took the place of Deadpool. In the end, the Exiles won and Sabretooth remains in this world to raise David Richards the right way, so he does not become the mad man he is believed to be in the future.