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The first to Die.

Real Name: Unknown
Affiliation: Exiles
Previous Affiliations: X-Men
Relatives: Magnus, Sr. (Magneto, father), Rogue (mother)
History & Powers: Magnus grew up in a timeline in which Magneto joined the X-Men and married Rogue, which explains both his magnetic powers and the white streak in his auburn hair. He quickly showed the potential to be an even more powerful master of magnetism than his father. Unfortunately, during his teens, Magnus developed his second mutation, which turned anyone touched by his skin into immobile steel. It is not known who the victim of this discovery was, but it is clear it was a human, and that it affected Magnus severely.

When Magnus joined the Exiles, he appeared to be by far the most powerful of the group. On their first mission, he single-handedly constructed a Cerebro system from spare parts, and was able to transport multiple members of the team in forcefield spheres. However, when the Exiles came to free that world's imprisoned superhuman population from their prison, and discovered that the facility was about to be destroyed by a hidden nuclear bomb, Magnus could not stop the disaster. Unwilling to give up, he magnetically enclosed all the prisoners, as well as Blink and Nocturne (who were with him at the time) in force spheres and sent them far away. Then he encased the prison in a forcefield and contained the explosion, though apparently at the cost of his own life. He was replaced by Sunfire.

Reason for Being an Exile: In the disrupted timeline, he accidentally turned his mother into steel, causing his father to go insane and resume his war on humanity.