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Real Name: Dr. Heather MacNeil Hudson
Affiliation: Exiles
Previous Affiliations: Alpha Flight
Status: Married (James Hudson)
Relatives: Logan (Wolverine, first husband, deceased), James (second husband)
Powers & History: Heather Hudson is a metamorph with the ability to transform into a giant white-furred version of the sasquatch, or "Bigfoot" monster. In Sasquatch form, Heather is over eight feet tall and incredibly strong, with sharp finger claws adding to her lethality. She also has fast-healing abilities, though not at a "Wolverine" level. In human form, she is a young black woman (a significant change from her 616 counterpart). The Sasquatch form has no identifiable female features. It is also possible that Heather can control the size to which she grows as Sasquatch, allowing her to shrink slightly to accomodate someone carrying her.

Heather Hudson was experimenting with gamma waves and was accidentally exposed to the radiation, which turned her into Sasquatch. She was brought into Alpha Flight, and soon met Logan, a wild man they had rescued. Logan became part of Alpha Flight, codenamed Wolverine, and he and Heather soon fell in love and got married. Unfortunately, this Wolverine had an implant from the Weapon X Program that caused him to go insane, and Heather was forced to kill him.

She mourned for months, but James Hudson comforted her, and eventually they married. Sasquatch was still a member of her reality's Alpha Flight when she became "unstuck in time." She was sent to the Exiles after their battle with Galactus on Skrull-Earth to replace the comatose Thunderbird. Since then she has operated with the team, but does not seem to have formed any very close relationships with her teammates, except perhaps Morph. She misses her husband James terribly, and that may make her more somber and circumspect in emotional matters. She has no "arrangement" with James that would allow Morph some "cuddle time," as she flatly told him recently.

When the Vampire King scattered the Exiles with a chaos spell, Heather and Morph ended up in a reality right after Wolverine escaped from the Weapon X compound. They were tracked and attacked by Wolverine, and Heather got stabbed in the leg. She managed to knock Morph out and hide him from Logan, then confronted the version of her first love. Rather than fight him, she transformed to human and this calmed Wolverine. Luckily, she and Morph transferred to another reality just then, so Heather didn't have to fight Logan again.

Reason for Being an Exile: In the disrupted timeline, James Hudson is incinerated by faulty equipment.